You might be surprised by how much water you use. The typical water use in Sonoma and Marin counties is 119 gallons per person every day. Outdoor use for landscaping and pools accounts for almost half of this use. Big indoor water users are the toilet, showers/ baths, and clothes washers. The following tips will help you to find ways to reduce your water use.



We've cleaned thousands of cars!  Whenever possible, we use about six to eight ounces of water for our EZ Green   3-in-1 Hand Wash that Cleans, Shines & Protects your cars.

We offer our eco-friendly detailing services at private residences and commercial locations. This saves the gas, wait time and distraction involved in driving to a traditional car wash..  Ideal service for an office complex, business campus, retail center, high traffic commercial lot, golf club, and other parking facilities. Being mobile, we can partner with  employers, non-profit fund raisers and commercial and fleet sponsors at their locations.  

Together, we save our precious resources and protect the environment. Let's eliminate the possibility of any toxic run-off going into our  rivers, streams, water tables, estuaries, and oceans. Reducing water contamination, protects our children and the planet's wildlife. 

 1st  In The North Bay Area Offering Water-Smart Car Washing Technology Since 2014 

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  • ​Zero water run-off from washing
  • ​​Products are fully biodegradable
  • Zero toxic chemicals or soapy detergents
  • Safe to use on your vehicles indoors and out
  • Saving up to 100 Gallons of water per vehicle​ wash
  • Proprietary formula with all natural plant derived ingredients